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In the email marketing world, direct mail’s digital twin skulks around in email inboxes everywhere, even though online marketers have access to information that can enable them to personalize their marketing materials to each member of their target audience. They’re called email blasts. message is a breath of fresh air. That’s why segmenting your lists by specific, granular criteria, like demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information, is crucial for a successful email marketing program — you’ll be able to send each of your recipients the messages they actually want to read, which will skyrocket your emails’ engagement rate.

Marketing can feel like a numbers game sometimes, so you might be tempted to send an email blast every once in a while. But even though resonating with a tiny percentage of a huge, unsegmented email list could produce some short-term results, the long-term impact on your brand’s reputation and deliverability ultimately isn’t worth the juice in metrics.

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